Richard Lawrence with Paul Rayner

Behavior Driven Development with Cucumber

  • Richard Lawrence is a friend and asked me to be a Technical Reviewer, so this isn’t an unbiased review, but:
  • This is my first choice for learning SBE/BDD
  • Highly recommended for everyone – Business Analyst, QA, Product Owner, and Developers
  • Short, but very thorough
  • Has only a little bit of programming in it

Seb Rose, Matt Wynne and Aslak Hells√ły

The Cucumber For Java Book

  • I know all of the authors and I reviewed drafts while they were writing it, so this isn’t an unbiased review, but:
  • Highly recommended for QAs and Developers
  • Has lots of programming examples
  • Get “The Cucumber Book” if you prefer Ruby

Gojko Adzic

Specification by Example

  • I have met Gojko but can’t claim to know him, so this is an unbiased review!
  • This was one of the very first books explaining SBE, and is still excellent. Very methodical and thorough, and no programming, but a long read
  • Recommended for the entire team – BAs, Product Owners, QAs, and Developers