The BDD Coach

Does Your Product Team 

  • Deliver Too Late?
  • Deliver Too Many Defects?
  • Deliver the wrong thing?

With my coaching and experience, the SBE methodology can deliver the results you need.

What My Clients Say

 Dev Gupta

Machine Learning Engineer, Raytheon Technologies


“Leslie Brooks is more than just The BDD Coach. He is The Best BDD Coach. His ability to mature product organizations is more than teaching BDD, SBE, and how to automate. He teaches engineers how to speak specifically to product, how product should talk technically, and how management should understand quality. His years of experience are more than just a number, his experience has been meaningful and will make a meaningful impact on your organization if you let it… Listen to him.”

Yusef Hoard



“This was such an eye-opening experience, although the BDD principals are challenging to learn, Leslie made class fun and made it easy to grasp. I learned a lot.”

Pauline Nok

Implementation Analyst


“Leslie is a very thorough and precise instructor. During his teaching, he created an in-class group exercise that stretched our thinking and creativity by writing the best requirements using Gherkin. The exercise was tough, but boy!, we had fun! Gherkin is written with accuracy, precision, and clarity, leaving little room for misunderstanding”

Fine Tune Your Agile Methodology with Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

With Specification By Example/BDD

  • Product Owners
  • Developers and
  • QA

are all using the same concrete examples in the mutual writing of requirements. Everyone is on the same page from the beginning so there are no misunderstandings at any point of development.

As a BDD/SBE Methodology Coach, I can teach your teams how to do this, how to meet or beat deadlines, and how to contain budgets.

Customized Training

Specification by Example/BDD should always be taught and molded to fit the products and systems at each individual client; I have years of experience doing that and will work with you to adapt it to your needs.

Team Training Classes

Ongoing Coaching to Ensure Success